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Linyi Changrong Pringting Equipment Co.,Ltd is an emerging productive enterprise specializing in professional machinery research and development and manufacturing.Major products include automatic foil stamping and die cutting machine,automatic Heidelberg stamping machine,multiple series refraction embossing machine,automatic deep embossing machine,automatic die cutting,etc directly.With years of development,the company has a number of professional senior industrial r&d designers.experienced production and installation personnel and strict quality inspectors,All processes have strict quality assurance in the aspect of inspection of purchased parts、machinery parts processing.Machine Assembly,factory testing,so ensures the high-end quality of the equipment produced.

Its our idea to seek survival by quality and development by scientific and technological innovation, with the purpose of satisfy customer demand,It’s aimed at same human resources and raw materials for customers.and provide service within production consulting and professional technical support.From installation and commissioning of equipment to maintenance,We will always provide our customers with the sufficient information and technical support.We are willing to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with all users and become the ideal partner!



Contact: Renlong Zhang

Phone: 15269968156

Tel: 0539-8629515


Add: Lanshan District,Linyi City Zaoyuan Mengshan Science and Technology Parks

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